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Motor Sports & Accessories: Get Out There and Have Fun

If you have decided to get into motor sports, you will want to make sure that you have all of the gear and accessories that you need. I am not some kind of expert but I do have some experience of taking part in various motor sports such as track racing in cars and high-speed sailing in a powerboat. My girlfriend introduced me to these activities and I suddenly realised what fun it was when I had a go. It didn't matter that I wasn't very good. I hope you like my blog and that it inspires you to get out there and have some fun.


Motor Sports & Accessories: Get Out There and Have Fun

One-in-all Guide for Replacing Your Boat Carpeting

Jeffrey Gregory

Buying a used boat is not a bad idea if you know how to examine the most important parts and get value for your money. Other than the hull, engine and wiring, you need to pay attention to the boat's floor. The carpet is an integral part of the interior needed for both beauty and comfort. Unfortunately, old and worn out carpets are a common scenario when buying used boats. Replacing such carpets will protect your boat's floor for years to come and help you customise the interior to your liking. Here is a guide to take you through the process:

Get Rid of the Old Carpet

The first step involved in laying down a new carpet is to remove the old carpet and start preparing the floor for a new one. Sometimes. The old carpet might pull out in small pieces or big chunks depending on the extent of wear. Small pieces mean that the glue is still holding strongly onto the carpet and you need to a thorough scrapping and cleaning of the floor. Use carpet scrapers to get the job done.  

Select the New Carpet 

After working on the floor, it's time to choose something new and spectacular for it. When doing this, however, it is elemental to keep practicality and resistance in mind. What material is the carpet made from? How much traffic will it have to stand up to during ordinary, daily use? Weighty carpets mean that the fibres are packed densely. Such a carpet feels firm, quality to the touch and better placed to stand up to high levels of traffic. Light carpets are not good at dispersing the weight of traffic, making them wear out faster than you would expect. 

Cut the New Carpet

When removing your old carpet, try to do a clean job so that you can use it as a template to cut and shape the new one. Use a sharp utility knife for good clean edges. 

Apply Marine Glue

You need marine glue to strengthen the bond between the floor and the carpet. An outdoor adhesive is the best considering they are all-purpose and suitable for both outdoor and indoor boat applications. More importantly, go for latex-based adhesives to benefit from strong bonding and minimal fumes in your boat. 


After laying the carpet on the glued floor, trim the edges to get rid of the excess carpet material and end up with a neat finish.