Motor Sports & Accessories: Get Out There and Have Fun
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Motor Sports & Accessories: Get Out There and Have Fun

If you have decided to get into motor sports, you will want to make sure that you have all of the gear and accessories that you need. I am not some kind of expert but I do have some experience of taking part in various motor sports such as track racing in cars and high-speed sailing in a powerboat. My girlfriend introduced me to these activities and I suddenly realised what fun it was when I had a go. It didn't matter that I wasn't very good. I hope you like my blog and that it inspires you to get out there and have some fun.


Motor Sports & Accessories: Get Out There and Have Fun

  • 4 Common Reasons Why Your Boat's Outboard Engine Might Be Overheating

    20 December 2018

    Most smaller boats rely on outboard motors for their momentum. If yours breaks down, you could be looking at extensive repair work, not to mention a tricky trip back to shore of you happen to be caught out on the open water. Overheating is one of the prime causes of engine problems, so it's well worth knowing the common causes of overheating to ensure you can move against the issue as soon as possible.

  • Marine Boats: Three Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Sterndrive Vessel

    22 February 2018

    Sterndrive boats are popular for their exceptional performance in the freshwater environment. The motor design is favoured because it combines steerage and efficient propulsion into a convenient and compact package. In general, a sterndrive vessel will also perform well in the marine environment. However, the element is more vulnerable to accelerated degradation when moored in saltwater. This deterioration can be attributed to the constant contact between the motor 'legs' with saline water.

  • The Differences in the Types of Boats You Can Rent

    5 February 2018

    Renting a boat for a day can give you the time on the water you want, without the cost of actually owning a boat, and then needing to maintain it, store it and transport it to a nearby lake or ocean. However, one drawback to renting a boat is that you might get a bit overwhelmed with your many options and not realise the differences in various boat styles and types of engines.

  • One-in-all Guide for Replacing Your Boat Carpeting

    2 February 2018

    Buying a used boat is not a bad idea if you know how to examine the most important parts and get value for your money. Other than the hull, engine and wiring, you need to pay attention to the boat's floor. The carpet is an integral part of the interior needed for both beauty and comfort. Unfortunately, old and worn out carpets are a common scenario when buying used boats. Replacing such carpets will protect your boat's floor for years to come and help you customise the interior to your liking.