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Motor Sports & Accessories: Get Out There and Have Fun

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Motor Sports & Accessories: Get Out There and Have Fun

Marine Boats: Three Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Sterndrive Vessel

Jeffrey Gregory

Sterndrive boats are popular for their exceptional performance in the freshwater environment. The motor design is favoured because it combines steerage and efficient propulsion into a convenient and compact package. In general, a sterndrive vessel will also perform well in the marine environment. However, the element is more vulnerable to accelerated degradation when moored in saltwater. This deterioration can be attributed to the constant contact between the motor 'legs' with saline water. Therefore, if you would like to use your sterndrive boat in the ocean, you must be diligent in performing maintenance tasks. Here are essential tips to help you protect your vessel from fast wear.

Check and Replace the Anode

The sacrificial anode is critical for the protection of your sterndrive. In general, the most common problem for marine vessels is the corrosion of the metal structure due to contact with water and salt. The anode forms a protective system in which it is corroded first, preventing damage to the boat. However, the anode will eventually wear away, and the metal elements will be vulnerable once again. Therefore, you must keep checking the condition of the anode. If the unit is significantly worn, you can purchase and install a replacement.

Reapply the Antifouling Coating

Under normal circumstances, if your bare marine vessel remains in the water for a prolonged period, it will allow the growth of harmful organisms such as algae, sea barnacles and similar marine organisms. Fortunately, this process which causes boat deterioration can be prevented through the application of an antifouling coating or paint. This product has biocides which prevent the attachment of strange organisms. Typically, antifouling coatings are made using cuprous oxide or other copper-based compounds. These materials are highly efficient because of their strong biocidal effect. Unfortunately, copper cannot be used on sterndrive boats because it will react with the cast aluminium housing. As a result, you must reapply your chosen antifouling paint regularly for optimal results.

Clean the Sterndrive Regularly

You should be diligent in cleaning your sterndrive to prevent the accumulation of marine growths. While coatings are effective, they are not fool-proof. Therefore, if the boat is moored for too long, you will notice the build-up of unusual organisms. If you use your vessel regularly, you will reduce the probability of marine growths. If you have not used your boat in a while, you can have a specialist use a scraper to clean the deposits. For the best results, you should not leave your sterndrive in the water for extended periods.

Contact a company that specialises in sterndrive repairs to learn more.